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Independent Homeworkers Alliance - since 1963. Need a job? We have plenty, plus at-home courses. Need somebody to do a job? We have 30,000 members that can bid on your job. Part-time and full-time. Fabulous resource, articles and information. They can help you start your home-based business or open your eyes to the realities of the idea.

Entrepreneurial Parent - A community and career resource for parents on the home career track. Learn how to balance work and family under one roof -- build your career skills, run a successful home business, take personal care of your children.

The American Home Business Association - a national association offering essential and innovative benefits and services dedicated to supporting the needs of home businesses, small business and entrepreneurs. Our mission is to provide our members access to the best in traditional business benefits, internet support services, resources and timely information that is critical to conduct a successful home, small or internet business.

WAHM - The online magazine for Work at Home Moms

Work@Home Parents is a FREE site for parents who own a home-based business and raise kids at home at the same time! Great resource for start-ups!

Telecommuting Toolkit includes proposals, OSHA information, sample agreements for employers and much more! Terrific resource!

You Can Work From Any Where.Com - Tips, tools, articles, newsletters, seminars, and other resources to help improve the productivity of telecommuters, mobile workers, managers, and home-based workers. Lots of links to work at home jobs!

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