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Working from Home, Tips for Parents


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work from homeMore than ever, parents are searching for more flexible work options and more than ever, kids need parents who are available. If you've ever considered working from home or telecommuting, take a look at some tips we've uncovered.

Decide your goals and objectives

Do you want to start your own business, work for someone else, or remain with your current employer and work from home several days a week?

Decide what skills you may have that are transferable

For example: Do you possess computer skills? Are you an accountant? Do you do Data Entry in your current Job?

Chances are, if your current job does not require a lot of face-to-face interaction, you may be eligible for a telecommuting or work at home situation with your current employer.

This article may help you determine if your job is transferable:

Determine which job is right for you

I was amazed at the array of jobs that are now available to people who wish to work from home! It's astonishing!

You can find lists of jobs with legitimate employers on many specialized work at home websites.

We have listed several sites directed to Moms and Dads looking for work at home jobs or telecommuting jobs

Talking to Your Employer

Ok, you've made the decision to talk to your employer about telecommuting or working from home. But how do you convince your boss? Very few want to hear about junior's new tooth erupting and your missing it...

Try looking at this from your supervisor's point of view.

Follow these tips when preparing to sell this idea to your employer

Be Aware

There are unscrupulous people who just want to prey on unsuspecting consumers like you who want to separate you from your MONEY!

No legitimate employer will ask for money, registration fees, or the like.

You should never have to pay to "assemble products", "stuff envelops", and "chain letters" via e-mail or otherwise requesting $5 doesn't work.

In other words, if it sounds suspicious or too good to be true, trust that…it probably is…

Check out the latest work at home scams.

Be Realistic

Don't expect to get a lot of work done at home without a plan.

Plan your home time as if you were working in your office.

Decide your start and stop times.

If you plan to be home with your children and your job allows that flexibility, great!

Arrange for in-home childcare or work while baby is napping.

Learn 10 Tips for Work at Home Parents

New mothers should be especially cautious of planning to work and expecting baby to sleep all day. While newborns sleep a lot, new Moms are tired and need rest too.

Check out more Myths and Realities

Income is another reality check for some. You may be cutting hours or changing your job altogether. While you may be able to earn a very good living, it will depend greatly on your ability to commit to regular hours and of course, the job you choose.

Part time will command less income (averaging $10K - 30K) than full time (averaging $30K-50K) and only a small percentage (less than 2%) of home workers will earn a 6-figure income.

Do your homework

Remember the tax benefits that are enhanced by working from home.
Also keep in mind the cost savings in travel, dry cleaning, lunches, etc.…

Have Courage

Your career is important. Money is important. Your children are important. YOU are important. Have courage that whatever you decide, it will be the right choice for you and your family.

I could tell you that studies show that the availability of a parent in the home is a benefit to children. But you KNOW that. You also know that the phone bill is due and the car payment is due next week.

Running a home-based business or telecommuting may be the key to blending the two most demanding tasks facing parents...Generating revenue to support our families, and providing time, attention and support to our children who so greatly need and deserve it.

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Robyn's Nest Related Articles:
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Working from Home, Tips for Parents

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