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Weaning - Breast to Cup


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Weaning your toddler from the breast to a cup can be very tricky business. How long this process can take depends greatly on the baby and the mother. A child who has exclusively breast-fed may reject the cup at first. It is not necessary to introduce formula after 12 months of age. Toddlers may be directly introduced to cow's milk when weaning to a cup. Below are some techniques we have found to make this transition easier:

Step 1 : Introduce breast milk or formula in a cup.

   -   Warm breast milk to body temperature. You can test the temperature on the inside of your wrist. It should feel lukewarm.
   -   Give extra love and cuddle time. As your toddler weans, she may miss the closeness of skin to skin contact. Many toddlers are nursed when sleepy or for comfort when injured. Give lots of kisses, hugs and closeness during these times while weaning and after weaning.

Step 2 : Eliminate nursings one by one over a period of days or weeks.

   -   If your child is already using a cup at mealtime, great! That will be 3 times daily that are already transitioned. If, however, your toddler is still nursing before or after meals, begin to replace the breast for a cup in the following manor:
   -   Substitute a cup for breast during 1meal for 2 days.
   -   Increase cup feedings to 2 meals for 2 days.
   -   Increase cup feeding to all 3 meals.

Step 3: Save baby's favorite nursing time for the last to go.

   -   Gradually continue to eliminate nursing times one by one until your toddler is fully independent of you. Note: Milk will remain to a small extent and can be fully reinstated for at least 6 months after weaning in cases of emergency such as toddler illness or allergic reactions to food and/or cow's milk.

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Weaning Breast to Cup

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