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5 Steps to:

Approaching your Current Employer about Telecommuting



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telecommuteArticle Provided by:
Phil Montero, "the Mobile Man"

1. Go in with a plan, not a request.

Do your research and be prepared to address any questions, fears or objections that your manager and/or boss might have. Put together a short proposal including:

a. Why do you want to telecommute?
b. From what location you will be telecommuting?
c. Is the space and equipment sufficient?
d. How will they know you are working?
e. How many days a week will you work from a remote location? (Usually only a day or 2 a week to start)
f. How often will you be "checking in"
g. Why do you, in particular, have the skills necessary to work from home.

2. Think like a Manager or Supervisor.

Approach this proposal/conversation thinking like a manager. Don't explain how it will benefit you, instead focus on how it will benefit the company and increase your productivity.


Don't initially propose this as a permanent arrangement. Tell them you'd like to try it for 2-3 months with an evaluation at the beginning, middle and end of the trial to see how it is working. Then you can sit down and reevaluate it at the end of the trial.

4. Have measurable goals and objectives.

How will they know you're working? If you spend a lot of time preparing reports figure out how many hours or days you usually spend doing this. If you work in a customer service type position then track how many calls you put out to clients. The bottom line is to find some way to quantify your current level of productivity so you're boss or manager will have something to compare it to.

5. Ease their fears with facts.

When doing your research find recent statistics and articles about other organizations that have implemented telework programs successfully. It's best if you can find those that pertain specifically to your job description. If you can show that other, similar companies are already doing it, then that reduces the perceived risk.

Phil Montero, "the Mobile Man" is the founder of a portal for mobile workers providing information, tips, tools, articles, ideas and other resources to help improve the productivity of telecommuters, mobile workers, road warriors, entrepreneurs and home-based workers. For more tips like these you can subscribe to free e-mail newsletters on their site.

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5 Steps to talking to your boss about telecommuting


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