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bookHelping a Child with Nonverbal Learning Disorder or Asperger's Syndrome: A Parent's Guide
by Kathryn Stewart

ISBN: 1572242779

Very Helpful, May 2, 2002
Reviewer: A reader from California, United States
Kathryn Stewart describes what is going on in your child's mind and helps you understand what is behind the behaviour that you know is not right, but just doesn't make sense. This explains why your advanced reader can't write a simple sentence, and how an advanced reader can score poorly in reading comprehension or "listening". It also gives you ideas about what you are going to say to your child's teachers to help them understand what is happening with your child.

All this is done in layamn's terms. I am seriously considering buying a stack of them to give to teachers and relatives.

bookBridging the Gap : Raising a Child With Nonverbal Learning Disorder
by Rondalyn Varney Whitney

ISBN: 0399527559

WOW! A breath of fresh air!, April 10, 2002
Reviewer: TD from Campbell, CA USA
A wonderful, enlightening book about NLD. This book is well written with concrete examples of symptoms of NLD and strategies to help parents and teachers with the NLD child. It made me laugh and cry, but mostly it made me hopeful for my son's future.

When my son was in third grade, we were told by the teacher that he doesn't pay attention, is passive-resistive, slow to get started, unable to follow complex directions and having difficulty with math. She suggested he might have ADD. A pediatric neurologist looked at a questionnaire the teacher had filled out and said my son had ADD and Ritalin would probably help. We asked what our other options were and he told us that we could go to see an "Educational Therapist" who would perform a battery of tests to determine if there was a learning disability. Though the school psychologist said he had symptoms of a child with NLD we have been battling with the school ever since (he's now in 6th grade) to get him help. With the help of an extraordinary OT my son is doing great.

The resources and strategies presented in this book are a must-read for every parent who is struggling to help their child succeed in school and in life.

bookA Mind at a Time by Mel Levine

ISBN: 0743202228

Reviewer: A reader from Prince Edward Island, Canada
Anyone who has a child in the school system knows that the educational process does not allow for one-on-one assessment of a child's learning abilities. A child either keeps pace or in many cases, falls behind. The author has written an excellent book on what a child needs in order to grow, learn, and develop his or her full potential.

It would be wonderful if all children learned at the same rate and possessed the same aptitude for learning; however, each child is a unique individual. The educational system today does not structure its learning process around that fundamental fact. A good many of the behavioural problems we see surfacing today stem from the fact a child becomes frustrated, bored, overwhelmingly challenged, or discouraged by the educational process, and their actions are often a result of what is lacking in the education system. Some parents, as well, do not take that fact into consideration and often expect Mary to keep up with brother John, because John seems to excel in everything, while Mary struggles to achieve.

There are a variety of topics to be found in the book, including development of memory, language, and motor skills. If you are an educator or have a child who is experiencing difficulties in this area, this book provides excellent resource material. It is one parents and individuals with the authority to make changes in the system should read and take to heart. The book contains a valuable message, is well researched, and is equally as well written.

book The Normal One: Life with a Difficult or Damaged Sibling

Adults who grew up with a disabled brother or sister may have been labeled the "normal" one. Psychotherapist Jeanne Safer addresses the premature maturity, emotional and intellectual perfectionism and deep guilt about their own health that she says many "normal" siblings experience in The Normal One: Life with a Difficult or Damaged Sibling. Using interviews with 60 subjects who have disabled siblings and her own experience with an emotionally ill brother, Safer sensitively documents the various challenges that siblings face and offers wise, gentle counsel for dealing with these challenges.

bookLearning Styles : Food for Thought and 130 Practical Tips for Teachers K-4
by Priscilla L. Vail

ISBN: 1567620051

A fantastic book for parents and teachers. Learn your child's learning style and help them to succeed.

bookLike Sound Through Water : A Mother's Journey Through Auditory Processing Disorder
by Karen J. Foli, Edward M. Hallowell

ISBN: 0743421981

"Superbly written for both parents and professionals; the book is extremely readable with all technical terms and programs explained in very clear detail...

As a speech/language pathologist, at times I admit I felt embarrassed with the way this mom was treated by people in my own field. I found myself nodding along with certain passages that described Dr. Foli's queries
regarding testing, diagnosis, treatment, expanded programming to home and school going without either answers or, in some cases, going without even
acknowledgment. This book was written from an 'analytic heart;' Dr. Foli's emotions stayed well balanced with her ability to continually incorporate her intellectual self in finding answers for her son. I would very highly recommend this book to parents, educators, support services and administrators in school systems. This would also be an excellent choice for required reading at the graduate level in any field that deals with diagnosing, treatment plans, and educating parents and fellow professionals about auditory processing disorders."

Review by MaryAlice Stone, SLP-CCCP

bookWhen the Brain Can't Hear : Unraveling the Mystery of Auditory Processing Disorder
by Teri James Bellis

ISBN: 0743428633

Understanding my child, March 16, 2002
Reviewer: A reader from Kingwood, Texas United States
Ms. Bellis writes in a clear and simple manner allowing the lay person to comprehend the complexities of APD. She is mindful of the differential diagnosis' and the individualized attention each case must receive. She makes it clear that not every auditory problem is an APD. Ms. Bellis takes the reader from understanding APD, demystifying it, to treatment plans. Also the book contains an excellent term glossary so all the scientific jargon can be kept straight. A wonderful book to begin ones knowledge of APD.

bookBasic Abilities : A Whole Approach : A Developmental Guide for Children With Disabilities
by Sophie Levitt

ISBN: 0285631713

Emotion : The On/Off Switch for Learning
by Priscilla L. Vail

ISBN: 1567620566

Outstanding resource, March 15, 2001
Reviewer: Sheila C. Coutant from No. Stonington, CT USA for parents, teacher and families.

This wonderful book offers alternative ways of looking at the issues that all students deal with in school. It offers ways of dealing with these situations by all adults.

I have bought several copies for teachers and parents .... and all have found 'wisdom' in the pages ... for all students.

Reviewer: Sheila C. Coutant is a Senior Consultant with Robyn's Nest ~ The Parenting Network (

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