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concept of sharing

sharing toysSharing is not something that your two-year-old will know how to do. Sharing is a concept that is not completely understood until a child is six or seven years of age. However, it is never too early to introduce the word and the concept. This is a skill that slowly develops over several years. First born and only children seem to have the most difficulty with the concept of sharing. It will always be more difficult to grasp when a child is hungry, frustrated or tired.


Here are some ways to introduce the concept of sharing to a two-year-old:

   -   Praise sharing behavior. Whether with another child or with a parent. "Catch" them sharing and tell them how great it is.
   -   Remember that two-year-olds are inconsistent with sharing. One minute they may be willing to share a toy, and 5 minutes later, fighting to regain control of it.
   -   Talk to your child before family and friends come over for a visit. Allow your child the opportunity to put away certain toys that they do not wish to share.
   -   Certain beloved possessions (security items or their lovey) need not be shared with other children. Explain to them that this toy is special and redirect them to other toys or activities. Your child should not be expected to share everything.

teaching children to share

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