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Signs of Pregnancy


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The following signs may indicate pregnancy. Experts agree that good prenatal care is essential to the health of the baby and mother.

pregnant woman
   -   Late Period or Menstuation
   -   Tender or Swollen Breasts
   -   Frequent Urination
   -   Nausea or Vomiting
   -   Fatigue
   -   Backaches
   -   Food Cravings
   -   Darkening of the Areola (Breast Nipple)
   -   Fetal Movement
   -   Fetal Heart Beat

An in-home pregnancy test can be accurate as early as 4 days after your expected menstuation date. Be especially careful to follow all instructions exactly for the most accurate result.

Should you get a positive result on your in-home pregnancy test, contact your physician or OB/GYN for an appointment. Some physicians will schedule an appointment immediately, others ask patients (who suspect they may be pregnant) to wait until 2 weeks beyond the period due date before scheduling an appointment and in-office pregnancy test.



Related Topics:
More Pregnancy Topics
Your Pregnancy Week-By-Week
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