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two girlsThere are a few things you can do to make the starting Nursery School a little easier for you and your child. Here are a few suggestions from parents:

   -   Try to visit the school your child will attend, including the classroom, cafeteria, playground and bathroom. Introduce him/her to their new teacher. And inform the teacher of any important issues (lovey at nap-time, potty problems, personal habits, etc)

   -   Shop for new clothes and school supplies (like a lunchbox) to get your child excited about nursery school.

   -   Be sure your child knows his/her full name, address and phone number. Also write the information on a little card which they may carry with them.

   -   If the time is available try starting with several hours before jumping into a full day at first. Perhaps even gradually increasing time over the course of several days.

   -   DROP and LEAVE! Say good-bye and when you will return (for example "I love you. I will be back after lunch.") Do not stay with your child for an extended period of time. It only makes the separation process harder on you and your child.



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Starting Nursery School or Preschool