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"Hard Word" List

(Muscle Words)

Elementary Level


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There are a relatively small number of words that make up most of all spelling errors. The list below is the Elementary Level "hard word" or "muscle word" list.

Help your 7-9 year old learn to identify and spell these words correctly.

about Halloween shoes
address haven't since
advise having skiing
again hear skis
all right heard some
along height something
already hello soon
although hear store
always hospital straight
among hour studying
April house sugar
arithmetic instead summer
aunt knew Sunday
awhile know suppose
balloon laid sure
because latter surely
been lessons surprise
before letter surrounded
birthday little swimming
blue loose teacher
bought loving tent
built making terrible
busy many their
buy maybe there
children minute they
chocolate morning though
choose mother thought
Christmas name through
close neither tired
color nice together
come none tomorrow
coming o'clock tonight
cough off too


often toys
country once train
cousin outside traveling
cupboard party trouble
dairy peace truly
dear people Tuesday
decorate piece two
didn't played until
doctor plays used
does please vacation
early poison very
Easter practice wear
easy pretty weather
enough pricipal weigh
every quarter were
everybody quit we're
favorite quite when
February raise where
fierce read which
first receive white
football received whole
forty remember woman
fourth right would
Friday rough write
friend route writing
fuel said wrote
getting Santa Claus you
goes Saturday your
grade says you're
guard school  
guess schoolhouse  
half several  

Related Topics:
Dolch Sight Word Reading List
Parental Involvement in School



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Muscle Words Elementary Reading List