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Nolo, Law for All - Nolo's mission is to make the legal system work for everyone -- not just lawyers. This legal resource is written in plain English. Simple enough for parents to understand without wasting precious time and valuable financial resources.

   -   US Dept of Health and Human Services -contact information for foster parenting or adoption by state.
   -   Faces of Adoption, America’s Waiting Children. This site provides excellent information on how to adopt and resources in the United States.

   -   Adoption Agencies. Org is a multi-agency adoption resource center. Also lists issues by state.
   -   Divorce Help is a short course in divorce, a reading room, and a directory of services.
   -   Divorce Net. Com, Family Law Advisor. This site addresses all states in US and issues surrounding divorce and family law. Excellent resource.
   -   Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement Home Page. Click links to states for data base of resources in your state.
   -   Divorce Source. Com has a state by state informational network on all issues relating to divorce.
   -   How to Divorce as Friends - No matter how painful or destructive your relationship may be today, you have the ability to turn your situation around. The author of this site is a former divorce attorney and was featured on Oprah for his work in divorce.
   -   Montana State University article on “Helping Children Adjust to Divorce.”
   -   Hints for Divorcing Parents Article with 10 tips for parents. How to tell kids, how to handle situations that will arise.




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