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The Man Who Would Be Dad
by Hogan Hilling

ISBN: 1892123959

This is an excellent book for fathers and fathers-to-be. I enjoyed reading Mr. Hilling's accounts of his feelings and emotions of becoming a father, the learning experience of bonding with his children and finally coming to an understanding of what it means to become not just a father but a good father. The book also focuses on the difficulties of raising a handicap child and how his child helped him become a better person.

I have already recommended this book to friends. The book also gives an insight of the life of a stay-at-home dad and it explains that being a stay-at-home dad is not an easy job for every dad but it takes a special dad to be one.

The New Father Book: What Every Man Needs to Know to Be a Good Dad
by Wade F. Horn, Alice Feinstein (Editor), Jeffrey Rosenberg, Better Homes and Gardens Books
ISBN: 069620617X

Inspires Confidence! A book for every new dad! If you know anyone who has just found out their wife is pregnant....this is the book they absolutely will need. So many mom's have showers and receive gifts for the baby. Why not include this book for the dad! Not only does this book enlighten fathers, mothers will want to steal this book to refer to all the great sections on baby/toddler development. The charts on page 52 and 66 organize the developmental advances a baby goes through.

Through the seven chapters, men will learn what it takes to be a dad, how to be a good prenatal dad, what to expect at the birth, what changes to expect in the first two weeks and then what to look for in the first year and toddler/preschool years. The "Many Faces of Fatherhood" is a modern look at fatherhood. Adoption, divorce, unwed fathers, stepfathers and widowed fathers are also given some great advice.

"The most important thing you can do to ensure your child develops good emotional health is to show your love for him or her. Do this, and your child will feel valued, loved, and respected." --page 68

This book gives real world tips from fathers on how to be a positive influence in the life of their child. It guides men through pregnancy and childbirth and has practical advice on how men can help care for an infant. Truly, this is moral support to encourage men to become the best fathers they can be.

Keeping the Baby Alive till Your Wife Gets Home
by Walter Roark

ISBN: 0970793707

I bought this book on a lark as it was sitting at the checkout counter of my local bookstore. Nevertheless, I was pleased to find how funny and entertaining it is, and I did learn a few things about parenting.

This guy Roark is pretty observant, and he let's us Fathers into many of the secrets of being a good dad. I think "Keeping the Baby Alive..." deserves a wider audience as it strikes a excellent balance between humor and tangible, useful information.
Keep up the good work, Mr. Roark, and how about something on toddlers!!!

101 Ways to Be a Special Dad
by Vicki Lansky, Pomeranc White (Illustrator)

ISBN: 0809238209

The author of the popular 101 Ways to Make Your Child Feel Special presents a heartwarming collection of tips and special ideas for Dads. The delightfully illustrated book shows good dads how to enrich the parenting experience with thoughtful activities, thus creating special memories to last a lifetime.

Dad's Little Instruction Book
by Annie Pigeon

ISBN: 078600150X

Just in time, comes this funny and insightful look at fatherhood from the author of the popular Mom's Little Instruction Book. From "learn how to make balloon animals" to "know when to stop tickling" and "it's okay to cry when you walk your daughter down the aisle" to "it's okay to cry when you get the catering bill, " here's witty advice for fathers of all ages.

Fathering : Strengthening Connection With Your Children No Matter Where You Are
by Will Glennon

ISBN: 1573240028

From one of the editors of Random Acts of Kindness comes an inspiring collection of stories from fathers stuggling to maintain meaningful bonds with their children.

Fathers and Babies : How Babies Grow and What They Need from You, from Birth to 18 Months
by Jean Marzollo, Irene Trivas (Illustrator)

ISBN: 0060969083

An excellent Father's Day gift--a comforting and vastly perceptive guide for fathers or soon-to-be fathers who want to learn how to enjoy the first months of their babies' lives. One of the most recognized child care authors, Marzollo presents the first essential guide that shows fathers how to participate in the development of their babies' earliest months. 130 line drawings.

The Expectant Father : Facts, Tips, and Advice for Dads-To-Be
by Armin A. Brott, Jennifer Ash

ISBN: 1558596909

An information-packed guide to all the emotional, financial and physical changes the father-to-be may experience during the course of his partner's pregnancy. Incorporating the wisdom of top experts in the field, from obstetricians and birth-class instructors to psychologists and sociologists, this book is filled with sound advice and practical tips for men, as well as New Yorker-style cartoons that will keep anxious fathers-to-be chuckling.

The Measure of a Man : Becoming the Father You Wish Your Father Had Been
by Jerrold Lee, Ph.D. Shapiro

ISBN: 0399519351

Based on interviews with hundreds of fathers and couples, this eye-opening book provides a comprehensive overview of fatherhood. Shapiro also describes the surprising ways in which women can sometimes hinder this process--actually preventing men from sharing in the joys and responsibilites of fatherhood.

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