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Breast Engorgement
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Home Remedies
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For breast engorgement try the following:

   -   Frozen Peas - a bag of frozen peas conforms to the shape of the breast. Place a thin scarf or towel between skin and bag of peas to avoid irritating the skin.
   -   Cabbage Leaves - Cabbage leaves placed directly against the breasts can not only relieve engorgement, but is a natural means for drying up lactating breasts. If you have chosen not to breast-feed or are weaning your baby, place several fresh cabbage leaves in your bra (replacing every three hours) to help dry up your milk supply.
   -   Warm Showers - When engorgement becomes painful, try taking a warm shower. With your back to the spray, allow the water to flow over your shoulders and down your chest. This method will not stimulate more milk production, but will relieve engorgement or help to dry up lactating breasts during weaning.
   -   Fluid Restriction - Begin to decrease the amount of liquids you drink. This will assist in reducing the amount of milk you produce.
   -   Do Not Pump - Do not replace a bottle feeding with pumping if you wish to reduce milk production.
   -   Express - Express a small amount of milk to ease the pain of engorgement. If you do choose to pump, massage the breast, then express into a sterile bottle. Begin pumping when it is less painful.

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Related Topics
Home Remedies
Breast Feeding


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Breast Engorgement - Home Remedies


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