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3 year old discipline

Discipline is a very personal decision. Robyn's Nest has outlined several suggestions for disciplining different age groups. With a three-year-old consistency is the key. Below are other suggested methods of discipline.

IGNORE 'EM - Should you find a behavior unacceptable, (one that is not dangerous) simply annoying, try ignoring your child when he behaves in this manner.

PRAISE 'EM - Point out behaviors you want to encourage. Catch your child being good and give let them know how it pleases you.

REPLACE IT - Before your child gets into danger, distract her with something else. For example, your child is ready to play with the electrical cords behind the television set. Don't wait for her to get hurt to learn the lesson. Protect and distract.

TIME OUT - See Discipline for Toddlers. A three year old may be able to climb out of the playpen, so choose a safe place that is not frightening. Perhaps have a time out chair or remove the child to her room.

Youngsters model their behavior from parents' example. Remember to keep your cool and be consistent. Another hint that may be helpful is to decide in advance what behaviors are acceptable and unacceptable with your spouse. Be sure to show a united front.

Children are very quick to learn how to play one parent off another.

Also, inform your child's caregiver of the rules and consequences, praise and encouragement.

Robyn's Nest Related Topics
Discipline 1-2 years
Discipline 5 years


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Discipline 3 year olds


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