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3 - 4 Years


Children at Play"Each child is unique. While certain attitudes, behaviors, and physical milestones tend to occur at certain ages, a wide spectrum of growth and behavior for each age is normal. These guidelines are offered as a way of showing a general progression through the developmental stages rather than as fixed requirements for normal development at specific ages. It is perfectly natural for a child to attain some milestones earlier and other milestones later than the general trend. Keep this in mind as you review these milestones."

"If you have any concerns related to your child's own pattern of development, check with your pediatrician or family physician." Donna Warner Manczak, Ph.D., M.P.H.


3 - 4 Years

Blue Button Jumps, gallops, tiptoes, runs smoothly

Blue Button Can walk backwards a long distance

Blue Button May stumble and fall frequently

Blue Button Rides a "tricycle".

Blue Button Pours from a pitcher or milk carton using both hands

Blue Button Undresses self, but needs help with dressing

Blue Button Buttons and unbuttons large buttons

Blue Button Uses crayons with somewhat more control

Blue Button Most primary teeth have erupted

Blue Button Is more relaxed and flexible than the "terrible twos".

Blue Button Still cries and hits at times

Blue Button Quickly alternates between shyness and exuberance

Blue Button May show fear of unfamiliar objects or activities

Blue Button May want to be a "baby" at times

Blue Button Begins to talk about dreams

Blue Button Shows interest in family activities

Blue Button Idolizes parents

Blue Button Seeks approval from adults

Blue Button Tests limits

Blue Button Often prefers to play alone

Blue Button Shares and takes turns occasionally

Blue Button Quarrels with other children

Blue Button Speaks about 1,000 words

Blue Button Delights in hearing stories over and over again

Blue Button Loves hearing short rhymes and songs

Blue Button May match or identify primary colors

Blue Button Enjoys imaginative and imitative play


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