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12 - 13 Months


child"Each child is unique. While certain attitudes, behaviors, and physical milestones tend to occur at certain ages, a wide spectrum of growth and behavior for each age is normal. These guidelines are offered as a way of showing a general progression through the developmental stages rather than as fixed requirements for normal development at specific ages. It is perfectly natural for a child to attain some milestones earlier and other milestones later than the general trend. Keep this in mind as you review these milestones."

"If you have any concerns related to your child's own pattern of development, check with your pediatrician or family physician." Donna Warner Manczak, Ph.D., M.P.H.

baby crawling

12 - 13 MONTHS

   -   Crawls rapidly
   -   May walk without assistance
   -   Stands alone
   -   Seats self on floor
   -   Usually follows a daily routine
   -   Opens cabinets, pulls at tablecloths and gets into virtually everything. Childproof again for the standing level of your home.
   -   Puts everything into mouth
   -   Feeds self
   -   Expresses thoughts in one syllable (“da” means “I want that”)
   -   Understands simple words
   -   Says a few words (“mama’, “dada”, ball)
   -   Loves rhymes and rhythms
   -   Shows resistance (tantrums, refuses certain foods, resists naps)
   -   Prefers people to toys
   -   Very attached to mother, father, caregiver, siblings, grandparents
   -   Loves to make parents laugh
   -   Stranger anxiety lessens somewhat
   -   Shows a sense of humor



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