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Christine Ann Antonio, RN, BSN, BS in Ed., MPH



Christine is originally from western Michigan, where she graduated from Central Michigan University with a bachelors degree in Education. She later relocated to Hawaii where she lived for 17 years. Christine studied at the University of Hawaii and received her Masters degree in Public Health. Most recently, Christine has completed her BSN at Barry University in Miami, Florida.

Christine is presently employed by the Broward County Public Health Department where she is a Senior Community Health Nurse in the Healthy Start Program. She is a case manager and educator, teaching the nursing staff and new mothers and families on prenatal care, breast-feeding, postnatal care, child birth education. She does care coordination of pregnant women and new mothers needing services, linking them with community resources. Christine is also pursuing to further her education in labor and delivery and perinatal care in the hospital setting.

A mother of 2 grown daughters, Christine first became interested in breast-feeding just before her first child was born. As severe allergies and asthma ran on both sides of her family, Christine became very concerned for her unborn child and as a result, chose to breastfeed her daughters for as long as possible. She became involved in Le Leche League, eventually becoming a leader and state medical liaison. Since then, Christine has become a strong advocate on breast-feeding and has counseled and supported breast-feeding moms for over 23 years.



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