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1 Year Old

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1 Year Olds


By one year of age, your baby no longer needs to rely on Formula or bottles. If you have not begun to wean your baby from the bottle, now is a good time to start. See Weaning Your Baby. You will probably have begun introducing solid foods at around 4 months of age and your child is likely to be on a regular schedule of meals and naps. See Introducing Solids and How Much Sleep.

Your child's nutrition is no longer based on formula and it is fine to begin giving whole milk in its place. Children need the fat contained in whole milk. Reduced fat milk products may inhibit your child's growth. Milk fat and other extra calories enable the tremendous amount of growth, developmental milestones and energy for your baby's rapidly changing body.

If your child has a milk allergy, consult your pediatrician for alternate sources of calcium, fats and vitamins provided by milk.


one year old

Robyn's Nest Related Articles:
1 Year Olds

1 year old

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