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Sometime during the first year, most babies will experiment with biting. They look for your reactions, when perhaps biting your shoulder while being held. They may bite affectionately at this age. It is Bitingafter one year, usually during the second year that biting may become a problem in play groups or day care.

Biters may act out due to frustration or aggression against another child or group of children. Perhaps the child is having difficulty expressing him/herself verbally at this age. Perhaps the child is being overly disciplined at home. Whatever the reason, your reaction and the reactions of the caregiver are imperative in teaching the child that biting will not be tolerated.

There are many schools of thought on biting. Some parents believe that biting the child back will teach him how it feels; some feel that separating the biter works. It has been my experience as a parent, that simply removing the child for a short period of time is not always effective and biting the child back is totally ineffective on most children. The following tactics may work for you and your child:

1) Remove the biter, not the victim.

2) Firmly tell the biter "Look how you have hurt Sarah. She is crying and scared. Biting is not acceptable."

3) Console the victim. Let the victim know that it was not his/her fault he/she was bitten.

4) Tend to the victims wound. Wash the bite with soap and water thoroughly. Consult a physician should there be any signs of infection later.

5) Be consistent in dealing with problematic biters.

6) Inform the parents of both the biters and the victims. Human bites can easily become infected.

7) You may even try putting two biters together. They may be able to teach each other a valuable lesson.

8) Always remain calm in a biting situation. Being in control of your emotions teaches self control in children and gives a sense of security.

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