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The Birth Book : Everything You Need to Know to Have a Safe and Satisfying Birth
by William, M.D. Sears, Martha, R.N. Sears

ISBN: 0316779075

Extremely well-written, concise, and factual. This book presents the options available to today's expectant parents in a refreshingly informative yet unbiased fashion. This is one to OWN (and treasure), not just borrow! - Debi Lewis, Certified Childbirth Educator for Birth Works

The Complete Book of Pregnancy and Childbirth
by Sheila Kitzinger, Marcia May (Photographer)

ISBN: 0679450289

This new edition of The Complete Book of Pregnancy and Childbirth has been extensively revised to reflect scientific advances and cultural trends. Here, candidly and reasonably presented, is all the information expectant parents need to make their own decisions about everything--from which tests to allow to how to handle pain to where to give birth. 300 photos, drawings & diagrams.

1,001 African Names : First and Last Names from the African Continent
by Julia Stewart

ISBN: 0806517379

From Abadeet to Zoan, 1001 African Names offers names for African-Americans to use in naming children or to use as substitutes for their own Western names. Weaving in African proberbs, the book reveals the meaning of the names and traces the common threads of Africa's rich naming traditions.

10,000 Names for Your Baby
by Kathy Ishizuka

ISBN: 0440223369

Bigger than ever, this comprehensive reference provides all the information parents need to choose the best name for their baby. Packed with thousands of new choices and the latest findings on how our names can affect our personal and professional lives, this book makes finding the perfect name easier than ever.

Your Pregnancy : Week-By-Week (Your Pregnancy Series)
by Glade B. Curtis, Paul Gettler (Illustrator)

ISBN: 1555610684

This bestselling guide to pregnancy has been improved for a new generation of babies and mothers. Includes a new section, "Before you become pregnant, " to help readers increase the odds of having a healthy baby. It is a unique book divided into each week of pregnancy with important information about the developing baby and the changing mother-to-be. 40 illus.

The American Medical Women's Association Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth
by American Medical Women's Association, Roselyn Payne Epps (Editor)

ISBN: 044022246X

Perhaps the most tranformational time of a woman's life is during pregnance and childbirth. It is also the period when a woman faces some of her most dangerous health risks. This candid, woman-to-woman guide covers all the critical facts about preconceptional care, midwives and obstetricians, optimal health during pregnancy, labor and delivery, breast-feeding, and much more.

Checklist for Your First Baby
by Susan Kagen Podell

ISBN: 038547797X

With its broad range of information--arranged by trimester-- encompassing all aspects of pregnancy, childbirth, and postnatal care, Checklist for Your First Baby is a most comprehensive and easy-to-use guide, covering everything from nutrition to choosing a pediatrician to insurance issues and traveling with a new baby.

The Baby Shower Book : Etiquette, Decorations, Games, Food
by Pauline Glendenning

ISBN: 1558501029

A Reader from Michigan said: This is Truly One of The Best Baby Shower Books This book conains many ideas that will help you create a wonderful shower. There are many games (some very creative and new ones that most people will enjoy), as well as some of the most wonderful ideas for food display as I've ever seen! They have baby buggy watermelon instructions, as well as "the baby bottle bundt cake" which is not only adorable, it's easy enough anyone could prepare it! There are several other wonderful recipies as well as decoration ideas, how to make a practical (and cute) corsage for the new mom! This is really a must-have book if you are planning to throw a shower.

Birth After Cesarean : The Medical Facts
by Bruce L. Flamm

ISBN: 0671792180

A patient advocacy book, filled with recommendations and support for women who want to deliver normally even when they've had a prior cesarean. In a straightforward question-and-answer format, Dr. Bruce Flamm assesses the conflicting information many pregnant women receive. Great place to start when considering VBAC.

Birth over Thirty-Five
by Sheila Kitzinger, Jo Nesbitt (Illustrator)

ISBN: 0140241418

Updated throughout with the most current medical information, ideas, and practices, this essential guide to the birth experience for older mothers addresses the concerns and realities associated with the growing trend of waiting for motherhood.

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