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25 Alternatives to Shaking a Baby

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Perpetrators of Shaken Baby Syndrome can be anyone

Mother with Crying BabyGrandmothers, uncles, babysitters, siblings and daycare workers all have fallen into the category of perpetrator. New parents can be dangerously naive about those who care for their infant son or daughter with a belief that
no one would ever bring harm to their baby.

Below are 25 tools to help when you or a caregiver are in danger of reaching your limit with a crying baby:

Feed the baby if he/she is hungry.

Contact the baby's doctor to rule out any medical reason for the crying (such as ear infection, fever, etc.)

Offer your clean hand or finger for the baby to suck on.

Check baby's clothing. Too warm or too cold can cause crying as well as too tight clothing.

Cuddle the baby.

Give baby a bath.

Gently massage baby's tummy.

Give the baby a gentle back rub.

Rock the baby.

Hold baby while shifting your weight from foot to foot.

Walk while placing baby next to your abdomen.

Hold baby so that there is slight pressure on his/her tummy (football hold, across lap tummy down, etc) This may expel any excess gas upsetting baby's tummy.

Walk baby in a stroller indoors or outdoors (weather permitting).

Take baby for a ride in the car.

Sing a song or play soft music.

Vacuum the floor (white noise).

Use a blow dryer on yourself or blow into air. Do not use on baby! (white noise)

Give baby a rattle or other toy.

Show baby pleasing pictures. (Babies love books with pictures of real babies)

Turn on the television.

Get baby fresh air by stepping outside.

Let baby look in a mirror.

If nothing seems to work, try these suggestions:

Put the baby in their crib making sure they are safe, close the door, and check on them every 5 minutes or so. If you can, step outside of your home and turn off baby monitors. This way, you are not hearing the continuous cries relentlessly.

Call a Friend or Neighbor Call a friend, relative, or neighbor to come over while you take a break. *Many of us, as parents, see this as failure or admitting defeat. Please call. It is the most responsible thing you can do when nearing your breaking point.

Take 10 deep breaths; then take 10 more.

Do something for yourself; play favorite music, make a cup of coffee or tea, exercise, take a shower, or read a magazine or book.

Change your activity: shake a rug, scrub a floor, throw away unwanted trash, or clean a closet.

Sit down, close your eyes, think of a pleasant place in your memory. Do not move for several minutes.

Write down the ten best things about yourself.

Write down the ten best things about your child.

Ask your pediatrician about antigas drops for colicy babies.

This information provided in part by Prevent Child Abuse Connecticut, a program of the Wheeler Clinic.

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