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Airbags and Kids
A Deadly Combination

airbags and kids
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airbagsWe are all aware of the dangers of having children under the age of twelve in the front seat with airbags. Now a new advisory is being issued for side impact air bags. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration warns consumers that side air bags can kill or seriously injure children too close to the devices during inflation.

As more and more auto makers are installing side air bags for protection against side impact collisions, tests show that the airbags could deploy with enough force to seriously harm or kill children resting near the door or window or leaning out the window or turned backward in a seat. These tests were performed on child size crash dummies who were unrestrained during testing.

It is unclear as to the amount of protection or danger for children properly restrained in safety seats and seat belts as tests have not yet been performed with this scenario.

For years we have been telling parents to put their children under the age of twelve in the back seat away from front seat air bags. Now, until further testing is done, we ask you to put your child in proper safety restraints. If planning to purchase a new vehicle, Robyn's Nest recommends families of young children wait for further testing before buying a new vehicle with rear side impact air bags. Although proven to protect adults during a side impact collision, your children may be at risk.

Robyn's Nest Related Articles:
Car Seat Safety
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