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Our Expertise:

Robyn's Nest is an information and support website supported by a cable television program. Robyn's Nest meets the needs of parents looking for information and/or support regarding pregnancy and parenting of infants, toddlers, preschoolers and early school aged children. Robyn's Nest has successfully created a growing network of medical professionals, educators, researchers, social workers, psychologists, parents and grandparents who contribute their knowledge and experience to the website and television program.

Website Features:

Robyn's Nest has an extensive database of information on a wide range of topics related to pregnancy and the early care and education of children. Topics include:

  • Health
  • Childcare
  • Nutrition
  • Safety
  • At-Home and Working Parents Issues
  • Grand -Parenting

The site is user-friendly allowing parents to pursue topics alphabetically and includes pages ready to print for quick reference such as:

  • Infant/Child CPR Instructions
  • Nationwide Pregnancy Support Centers
  • Emergency procedures for a choking child
  • Nutrition Charts
  • Nationwide Poison Control Hotlines
  • Height and Weight Charts
  • State-by-State Baby Safe Haven Programs
  • Layette Checklist

On-Line Support

Robyn's Nest provides on-line chat rooms and bulletin boards for parents to communicate and support one another on a wide range of topics.

Bulletin Boards are available for topics related to pregnancy and parenting. Additionally bulletin boards are available specifically for:

  • Teen Parents
  • Single Parents
  • Grandparents Raising Children
  • Parents of Disabled Children
  • Working Parents
  • Bereaved Parents
  • Stay at Home Parents
  • Parents of Multiples
  • Adoptive Parents
  • Parents in Recovery
  • Step Parents
  • Chit Chat

Monthly E-Newsletter

Distributed FREE to subscribers since 1996 keeping parents posted on the latest parenting information and site developments. The Robyn's Nest E-Newsletter continues to grow and change to meet the challenges of parenting and grand parenting of young children.

Television Series

Robyn's Nest ~ The Parenting Network airs in 5 million cable subscriber homes every week in CT, NY, MA and ME. The program airs for 30-minute has been credited with saving a baby's life! The program's educational content, live interviews directly promote and support the website.


Robyn's Nest has also partnered with® to provide convenient online shopping and with Ebay™, Babies R' Us® and Target® Stores. We have also co-branded with Healthology™ and™ to better fulfill our audience's need for information and purchasing convenience.

Endorsers and Contributors

Connecticut Association of In-Home Child Care Professionals
Connecticut Breast Cancer Coalition
Connecticut Children's Medical Center
Connecticut Council on Problem Gambling
Connecticut Department of Children and Families
Connecticut Educational Services
Connecticut Therapy Associates
Eastern Connecticut Health Network's Family Development Center
Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network (FAAN)
Healthy Start/HUSKY Program
HYGEIA Foundation
Le Leche League
Manchester Community College
The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)
The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD)
The American Lung Association
The American Music Conference (AMC)
The AMT Children of Hope Foundation
The (International) Bonnie Babies Foundation
The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)
The Children First Foundation
The Connecticut SIDS Center
The Lyme Disease Foundation
The March of Dimes
The Mental Health Association of CT
The Nutmeg State Games
The Wheeler Clinic
University of Connecticut Health Center
University of Connecticut School of Nursing

Demographic Snapshot


Under 18 16%
18-24 29%
25-34 34%
35-44 13%
45-54 3%
55+ 1%
Unknown 2%

Education Level

Some HS 18%
HS Grad 21%
Some College 26%
College Grad 20%
Post-Grad Work 5%
Post-Grad Degree 6%
Prefer not to answer 5%

Household Income

Under $20k 18%
$20k - $34.9k 20%
$35k - $49.9k 12%
$50k - $74.9k 13%
$75k - $99.9k 6%
$100k + 6%


Administrative 10%
Sales 5%
Technical 3%
Professional 17%
Other Management 5%
Senior Management 2%
Other Employed 12%
Homemaker/Full-time Parent 13%
Student 22%
Not Employed 6%
Prefer not to answer 4%

Geographics Views

USA 72%
Canada 10%
United Kingdom 4%
Australia 4%

more detailed demographic information

Available Advertising:

Text Link located throughout the website, a highly effective, non-obtrusive way to get your site seen. Text ads are sold by consultation only.

Top Banners are located at the top of each page. Banners are only sold in the form of CPM.

Low Banners are located below the fold on each page and are sold only in the form of CPM.

Box 300 x 250 box ads are located on every article page and sold in the form of CPM.

Cube 125 x 125 cube ads are located on all article pages and homepage and are sold in the form of CPM

Skyscraper 120 x 600 skyscraper ads are only on our homepage and sold in the form of CPM

Skyscraper Wide 160 x 600 wide skyscraper ads are displayed only on our homepage and sold in the form of CPM

Endorsement Advertising is not unique to other forms of media. Robyn's Nest is offering endorsements on the web as another groundbreaking idea! Robyn's Nest will endorse your product or service in the content of the site. We will provide your product or services' brand name in lieu of a more generic form. Endorsement advertising can brand your product throughout the site wherever applicable. View a sample of Endorsement Advertising.

Ezine/E-Newsletter Advertising is in text format only. Links are permitted, however; we do not allow html formatting or banners. Robyn's Nest only permits 6 ads per newsletter, each with up to five (5) lines of space. This allows for greater exposure for the advertiser while at the same time does not bombard the reader. View a sample of our newsletter.

Sponsorships provide a first rate way of promoting your product or services on targeted areas of Robyn's Nest. We will design and develop a customized advertising campaign on the Robyn's Nest site. You provide the content to fit your advertising objectives and we'll do the rest! 6-Month minimum purchase required.

Advertising Restrictions:

Restricted Products
Due to obligations to clients and its audience, Robyn's Nest does not accept advertising that promotes the following:

Adult Material
Tobacco Products
Products Containing Alcohol

Restricted Content
All advertisements will be reviewed and are subject to approval by Robyn's Nest prior to ad run.

We reserve the right to refuse to provide advertising services to any advertiser/ad deemed offensive or inappropriate. Prohibited content includes:

Violation of any applicable law, regulation, or third party right,
Encouragement of illegal activity or racism,
Ads that promote or utilize products or services designed to deliver unsolicited mail,
Ads that relate to pornography or suggest pornography.

Become an advertiser:

Call (860) 212-2109
P.O. Box 116, Vernon, CT 06066

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media kit

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