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January 2004
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January 2004 - Issue #046

Robyn's Nest ~ The Parenting Network™ is dedicated to helping you raise your precious gift, your child.

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In this issue:

Robyn Discusses Winter Sports Safety on NBC 30!
Part III: Parent's Guide - The Special Education Process
Prescription Drugs Online-Convenience or Catastrophe?
How Much is Too Much……Exercise?
The Family Medicine Chest Update
Expert Question of the Month

Robyn Discusses Winter Sports Safety on NBC 30 - Now you can not only read about Winter Sports Safety at, you can watch Robyn on Connecticut's NBC 30 to ensure safety for the whole family! We've streamed the video for you! This show aired live on 12/24/03.
Part III: Parent's Guide - The Special Education Process The order of events from identification of a disability through development of an IEP is important for parents to know. While Connecticut schools may use their own forms, the processes are essentially the same as shown here.
Prescription Drugs Online-Convenience or Catastrophe? Does this sound familiar? "Get Low cost Prescriptions Here: Viagra, Wellbutrin, Zanax!"
Many of us receive tens, even hundreds of junk emails each day, a great deal of them offer low cost, discreet prescription drugs, but what's the catch? Many of the websites from where these emails are generated originate from outside of the United States. According to one website, in the year 2000 there were between 300 and 400 online pharmacies overseas, recent estimates claim those numbers have doubled. The overwhelming number of international internet pharmacies has forced the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to create the Office of International Programs (OIP) which coordinates the agency's interactions with foreign countries and regulatory counterparts in order to set priorities for international activities, and provide overall policy guidance on international issues.
How Much is Too Much……Exercise? - It's not anorexia nervosa or anorexia bulimia. It's anorexia athletica, and it's an addiction to exercise. More commonly known as compulsive exercise, it is when a person no longer enjoys exercise, but feels obligated to do so. A victim, most prominently a female between the ages of 12 and 19, may experience a sense of guilt and anxiety when missing a work out, and not even sickness or injury can stop him/her from fulfilling the need for exercise. People who exercise compulsively are commonly talented athletes, and view their self-worth by athletic achievement. So, it stands to reason that people who compulsively exercise have control of their bodies, and are amazing athletes? In contrast, the people who live to work out are those who can't keep their eyes open in class, are constantly feeling depressed and are anxious about what they're eating for dinner. They can't perform in sports because they are damaging their bodies, and when small injuries aren't allowed to heal, the harm can be severe. Even more seriously, extreme exercise can place stress on the heart, and along with unhealthy eating disorders, can result in depression and even death.
The Family Medicine Chest - What do you see when you open your medicine chest? Years of tubes, bottles, liquids that are now solids, black stuff that used to be yellow? And by the way, how long has that hemorrhoid cream been in there? I don't think I want to know! Eww, what IS that? Robyn's Nest has some quick and easy tips to keep your medicine cabinet safe and up-to-date for the new year!
Expert Question of the Week

Dear Robyn's Nest,
My son has been diagnosed with Dyslexia & Auditory Processing Disorder. Is there any learning center or tutor that you know of in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area that can help him during the summer months, ( June to August )? Let me know or could you direct me to someone or organization that would know. Your help would be appreciated to me & my son. Thank you. Ronald H., Menomonee Falls, WI

Dear Ronald,
Thank you for your email to Robyn's Nest! In answer to your question, the FastForWord Language and Reading Programs have been extremely successful for children of all ages and abilities -- particularly for those who experience auditory processing and dyslexic disorders. Your best bet is to consult the following website:, then click on "Families". You will be provided with a site map and when you click on your state, a list of credentialed FastForWord providers will appear. FastForWord programs are very popular during the summer...they typically run 90-100 minutes per day, 5 days per week for 6-8 weeks. If you are able, the sooner you enroll your child, the better. My own summer FastForWord programs which begin right after the Fourth of July are usually filled by mid-April.

Good luck to you, and thank you for writing to us here at Robyn's Nest.
Maryalice M. Stone, M.S., CCC-SLP
Speech and Language Pathologist for "Ask the Expert"

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