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September 2003
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September 2003 - Issue #042

Robyn's Nest ~ The Parenting Network™ is dedicated to helping you raise your precious gift, your child.

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In this issue:

Parents and Teens Part II
The "I" Bond for College Funding
Leaving the Nest
Simple Strategies for Creating Strong Readers

Parents and Teens-Creating an Adolescent Health Partnership Part II: Part I may be viewed here.
Dr. Michael Berman concludes the two part series, Parents and Teens - Creating an Adolescent Health Partnership. This portion includes: Immunizations for Adolescents, Physical Activity and Obesity, and Sexual Behavior.

The "I" Bond for College Funding By Desirée Frost - Now that the school season has officially arrived, many parents may be contemplating the future cost of a college education for their children. Though the 529 College Savings Plan has been heavily touted, there is another great investment that parents can utilize that also offers some of the same tax benefits of the 529's. This golden nugget in the world of finance is the Inflation-Indexed 'I' bond.

September marks the 14th annual observance of National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month (Recovery Month). The theme for 2003 is "Join the Voices for Recovery: Celebrating Health." It is a fitting time to dedicate ourselves to encouraging alcohol and drug addiction treatment for all those in need, including the millions of Americans who have co-occurring disorders. And make no mistake: treatment is effective, and recovery is possible. A study reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association compared treatment for drug dependence, including alcohol, with type 2 diabetes mellitus, hypertension, and asthma. The study concluded that medical adherence and relapse rates are similar across these illnesses. Drug dependence generally has been treated as if it were an acute illness. Review results suggest that long-term care strategies of medication management and continued monitoring produce lasting benefits. Drug dependence should be insured, treated, and evaluated just like other chronic illnesses. Whether you are involved with the health care system or are simply a person who is concerned about this issue, I ask you to Join the Voices for Recovery. This is one problem we can do something about. By supporting treatment for those in need, we can help men, women, and children in our own communities to find their way to recovery-and join the millions of others in recovery who are leading full, rich, productive, and rewarding lives.

Leaving The Nest - With all the attention on where your kids are going, little may have been said about where they are leaving. Each year thousands of children leave home and some for the very first time. Parents would do well to remember their first experience of leaving home. For many it came easily, but for some it was accompanied by stress and for others conflict. In remembering their own experience, parents next have to consider the experience they want to provide their son or daughter.

Simple Strategies for Creating Strong Readers - Without doubt, reading with children spells success for early literacy. Putting a few simple strategies into action will make a significant difference in helping children develop into good readers and writers. Through reading aloud, providing print materials, and promoting positive attitudes about reading and writing, you can have a powerful impact on children's literacy and learning.

1. Invite a child to read with you every day.
2. When reading a book where the print is large, point word by word as you read. This will help the child learn that reading goes from left to right and understand that the word he or she says is the word he or she sees.

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