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August 2003
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August 2003 - Issue #041

Robyn's Nest ~ The Parenting Network™ is dedicated to helping you raise your precious gift, your child.

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In this issue:

Parents and Teens
Holistic Health Series: Past Life Regression
Anger vs. Abuse
Should I Let My Baby Cry It Out?
Hot New Techie Tools
Grand Rally in Washington DC

Parents and Teens-Creating an Adolescent Health Partnership Part I: Being the parent of a teenager brings adventure, fun and challenges. This month I would like to begin a two part series briefly exploring some information about important health concerns for teens. I have chosen to do this in the form of an outline as I would like to make mention on as many of these concerns as possible.

Holistic Health Series:
Part 1:Past Life Regression Therapy

When most people hear of hypnosis and past life regression, skepticism and criticism are at the forefront of their minds. Could it be true? Are we perpetually learning through each life we live in order to attain perfection and ultimately "the light"?

Anger vs. Abuse Many people confuse the difference between anger and abuse. It's an important distinction for anyone wishing to address problem behaviors in either area.

Should I Let My Baby Cry It Out? Does it takes forever for your baby to fall asleep? Does he or she only fall asleep if you breastfeed, give a bottle or pacifier, rock, carry, swing, take a ride in the car, or perform other elaborate rituals? Does your baby wake up frequently throughout the night? Are your sleep issues further complicated because your baby won't nap easily, or takes very short naps? Elizabeth Pantley addresses these and more.

Hot New Techie Tools:
iSync 1.1 [dmg]
Gone are the days of repetitive address book and calendar management, thanks to Apple Computer's new iSync software. Mac users who maintain these items on both a computer and a supported portable device can keep them fully synchronized. Rather than having to re-enter data, iSync simultaneously updates both devices via a wireless connection. Many useful features are incorporated into iSync's straightforward interface, making it a timesaving alternative to manually managing personal data. Free after a brief registration.

GrandRally in Washington, D.C. More than 6 million children are living in homes headed by grandparents and other relative caretakers. Step Forward on October 15th with others like yourself as a strong voice for America's children. Call 202-662-3656 or email:

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