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April 2003
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April 2003 - Issue #038

Spring GardeningRobyn's Nest ~ The Parenting Network™ is dedicated to helping you raise your precious gift, your child.

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In this issue:

Gardening with Children
Handling Dental Emergencies
How Do I Talk to My Children About Heightened Terror Alert and War?
A Dad's Perspective
Communication for Separated Parents
Techie Tool of the Month!

Gardening with Children - Have you planned your summer garden with your children yet? Well, it's about that time again and Belinda Mooney is sharing her ideas about getting the most out of this educational and fun seasonal event! How about a Theme Garden?

Handling Dental Emergencies - This handy, dandy little item should be posted with your other emergency instructions. What to do if your child knocks out a tooth, splits a lip and more! Another print and post special from Robyn's Nest and the American Dental Association.

How Do I Talk to My Children About Heightened Terror Alert and War? Dr. Julian Ford from the University of Connecticut Dept. of Psychiatry offers tips for parents and teachers when talking to children about war and terror alerts.

A Dad's Perspective - With so much help and support for new Mothers, this article addresses the thoughts, feelings and needs of new Fathers! Mr. Hogan Hilling, author of "Proud Dads" offers his experience and suggestions to help Dad's do the best job they can for their children.

Communication for Separated Parents-Communication between separated or divorced parents can be challenging. Depending on the age, health and circumstances of their child, parents will have to be in touch with each other as often as several times a day. For some parents, unresolved conflicts cause a breakdown in communication. The ties and demands of parenthood require parents to maintain a connection and communicate. Gary Direnfeld, author of "Raising Kids Without Raising Cane" offers some 'real time' solutions!

Techie Tool of the Month! Each month, Robyn's Nest will bring you a new feature to help you provide the safest and most pleasant Internet experience possible for your family. We encourage you to try our suggestions, and submit any new freeware; software, games or hardware that you think would benefit others. This month's techie tool is the Privacy/Pop Up Defender 7.0.1 Free!

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