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April 2002
Issue #028


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In this issue:

How Music Makes Kids Smarter
Music Education Standards
Shaken Baby Syndrome
25 Alternatives to Shaking a Baby
Colic and Crying – Why do Babies Cry?
SBS and Child Abuse State by State Resources
No Shake Agreement for Caregivers
Employment Opportunities
Great New Links!

How Music Makes Kids Smarter - It’s never too early to introduce music to children. Even in the womb, music as served to sooth and calm babies and mothers alike. The fact is, that music not only calms the savage beast, but also can actually make kids smarter!

Music Education Standards – Select your child’s grade/age and learn about the national standards for music education programs. Learn how to support your child’s efforts. Teachers and educators will find this tool extremely valuable!

Shaken Baby Syndrome - The most common circumstances resulting in SBS happens when a baby is crying inconsolably. Parents, caregivers and family members who become angry, frustrated or enraged by the sounds of the crying may try to shake the baby in an effort to vent their frustration and stop the crying.

25 Alternatives to Shaking a Baby – Post this list for family members and caregivers. Remind them frequently of the dangers of shaking a baby.

Colic and Crying – Why do Babies Cry? - Understanding why babies cry is an important part of preventing Shaken Baby Syndrome. If you’re a parent or caregiver this article will help you understand the reasons babies cry and how you can help.

SBS Resources State by State – Find a local organization where information can be obtained on Shaken Baby Syndrome and other acts of Child Abuse.

No Shake Agreement – This document provided by the Shaken Baby Alliance is designed for printing from your computer and shared with anyone who comes into contact with your baby. Give it to Day Care Centers, Family members, Spouses, Live-ins, Siblings, Grandparents, and more!

Employment Opportunities! -- As we grow and change, opportunities for employment, internships and volunteering are becoming available. Bookmark this page. We may have work for you that can be done right from your home P.C.!

Great New Links!

National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome - Good information resource and links resource.

Child Abuse Prevention Center of Utah - excellent resource full of information on various types of abuse including shaken baby syndrome.

The Shaken Baby Alliance - resources for Parents with prevention in mind.

The Wheeler Clinic - a multi-service agency in Plainville, Connecticut, providing mental health, special education, and substance abuse treatment services for children, adolescents, families, and adults. Loads of links of benefit to parents and teens.

American Music Conference - promoting the benefits of music, music making and music education.

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