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February 2002
Issue #026


Robyn's Nest ~ The Parenting Network website and television series are dedicated to helping you raise your precious gift, your child.

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In this issue:

Robyn's Nest Hits Manhattan!
Parents Help Prevent Teen Pregnancy
10 Things Teens Want Parents to Know
Safe Havens for Babies means Choices for Mothers
Air Travel During Pregnancy
Hard Word - Muscle Word List
Life's Greatest Miracle! NOVA PBS Feb 26th!
Employment Opportunities
Great New Links!
Local Announcements

Robyn's Nest ~ The Parenting Network Hits Manhattan! - Look for us in March 2002 on Manhattan Neighborhood Network! Times and days to be announced.

Parents Can Help Prevent Teen Pregnancy - We have a list of 10 Tips for Parents to help them help their teens to avoid teen pregnancy. Although these tips are for parents, they can be used by adults more generally in their relationships with teenagers. This article was a real "eye opener" for me.

10 Things Teens Want Parents to Know - You may be surprised to learn that young people do want to hear from parents and other adults about sex, love, and relationships. They say they appreciate - even crave - advice, direction, and support from adults who care about them. But sometimes, they suggest, adults need to change how they offer their guidance. Simply put, they want real communication, not lectures and not threats.

Safe Havens for Babies means Choices for Mothers - So far 35 states have developed some form of Safe Haven Law that protects a parent from prosecution for relinquishing their baby. While still new, these laws are intended to reduce the number of infants abandoned and left to perish in a dumpster, trashcan, toilet or other unspeakable location. Find out if your state has such a law and how you can help get the word out to prevent these needless tragedies.

Air Travel During Pregnancy - Most US airlines allow pregnant women to fly up to 36 weeks gestation on domestic flights. For international flights, 35 weeks gestation is usually the limit. While travel in an airplane is almost always safe during pregnancy, this article does address some instances in which air travel should be avoided.

Hard Word - Muscle Word List - As promised, Robyn's Nest is beginning expansion into the older age groups. This muscle word list is directed to children ages 7-9. Learning to identify and spell these words correctly will help kids to read and succeed! Print this one out and work with the kids on it!

Life's Greatest Miracle - NOVA - on PBS February 26th! Don't miss this look into the womb of life's greatest miracle. Nova always does such a wonderful job..this should be educational for the kids and teens in your family too!

Employment Opportunities! -- As we grow and change, opportunities for employment, internships and volunteering are becoming available. Bookmark this page. We may have work for you that can be done right from your home P.C.!

Great New Links!
We've added two new links pages for you!

Pregnancy Support, Services and Housing - This is a state by state listing of Safe Houses, Pregnancy Support Services and much more.

Adoption Agency Locator - Find an adoption agency near you! Select your state, and scroll to your town. Vioala! You're there! Whether you're a pregnant woman planning not to keep your baby or looking for that special child, we've listed them all! We'll continue to update these pages.

Local Announcements - The CT March of Dimes would like to remind woman to get their folic acid! Whether you plan to become pregnant or not, getting the right amount every day will keep your body healthy and when you do want children…you'll be ready! 1-888-MODIMES

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