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December 2001
Issue #024


Robyn's Nest ~ The Parenting Network website and television series are dedicated to helping you raise your precious gift, your child.

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In this issue:

Toy Safety
Holiday Safety
Home Made Toys
Baby Rebecca - Learn About Her Law
Postpartum Depression and the Baby Blues
Set Design Challenge!
Join our New Discussion Groups!
Employment Opportunities
Great New Links!
Local Announcements

This is the last newsletter of the year 2001! As the year comes to a close, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to everyone who has helped make Robyn's Nest the success it is today especially our volunteer production crew: Joe Surdel (Director and Husband), Ben Greene (Lead Cameraman), Peggy Sofianos (Camera person and cheerleader), Lee Colt (Graphics and Audio Technician), Greg Thresher (Production Guru on high), and the latest addition to our staff, Celia Karnes (Public Relations Coordinator), and all of our Expert Guests, Sponsors and Consultants. Without these people, our show and website would never have become the success it has! Thank you all.


Special Thanks to Dr. Cheryl Beck, Professor and Researcher at the University of Connecticut's School of Nursing for her appearance on our Postpartum Mood Disorders Show! Dr. Beck shared knowledge, research and many years of experience as a nurse/midwife to help teach us ways to identify signs and symptoms and locate resources on a broad spectrum of perinatal mood disorders

I was also delighted to meet Elizabeth Conklin, Senior Family Development Coordinator with ECHN's Family Development Center on our Toy Safety Show. Elizabeth shared some innovative ideas for toys that can be made from ordinary items in your own home! My kids really had fun with them! Thank you Elizabeth!

Toy Safety - During December Robyn's Nest and the Consumer Product Safety Commission would like to remind anyone who is purchasing toys for children to please become familiar with our toy safety guides. Last year over 100,000 children were injured while playing with toys, in fact, 13 lost their young lives. Please read over our toy safety tips before venturing online or into stores this holiday season.

Holiday Safety - 'Tis the season for decorating and festivities! Robyn's Nest would like to remind parents and grandparents about some simple safety rules for around the house…Did you know that Holly and Mistletoe berries are poisonous?

Home Made Toys - The Family Development Center has shared some wonderful ideas for home made toys that are both fun and safe for kids. There's something for everyone on our Home Made Toys page! Great ideas for cold winter play indoors!

Baby Rebecca - Learn About Her Law - Two weeks ago, an infant was found in a Massachusetts cemetery, abandoned by her mother. Baby Rebecca was laid to rest this past week in the same cemetery in Dorchester. Wonderful people came together to honor this short life and donated their time and resources to give Rebecca Mary the burial she so deserved. One person, in particular, Jean Morrisey from the Bonnie Babies Foundation of America is taking an active role in passing legislation to protect mothers from prosecution should they wish to give up their babies. This law will provide safe places such as hospitals, police stations, and fire departments where infants can be left without fear.

Not one more child should endure the torture this infant and so many others have. If you'd like to see laws like this passed in your state, please contact the Bonnie Babies Foundation of America.

More information on Baby Rebecca can be found on this page dedicated to her:

Postpartum Depression and the Baby Blues - 80% of new mothers in the United States will experience some form of perinatal (after birth) mood disorder. Learn how to cope with the "Baby Blues" and how to identify if someone you love may be suffering from Postpartum Depression or the more severe Postpartum Psychosis. Early intervention may mean the difference between life and death of either the mother or her child.

Set Design Challenge! - Local schools, including high schools, technical schools, colleges and universities are invited to participate in our set design challenge. Robyn's Nest, the television series is in need of a new look. We plan to unveil our new logo and website in the coming months. The selected design and builders may appear on the show! So get those creative juices flowing and send in your designs! Send them to or Robyn's Nest, P.O. Box 527, Tolland, CT 06084

Join our New Discussion Groups! - We are trying a new discussion format we thought you might enjoy! Discussion Groups! This fun and rapid communication tool can serve as a support group, a think tank or whatever you want it to be! Join today and start enjoying support, friendship and good solid advice at Robyn's Nest ~ The Parenting Network Discussions. You can join FREE by subscribing now! SIGN ME UP!

I encourage you to invite others to join our group. Just ask them to send a BLANK e-mail to:

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Rate us from 1 to 10 Family/Parenting

Employment Opportunities! - As we grow and change, opportunities for employment, internships and volunteering are becoming available. Bookmark this page. We may have work for you that can be done right from your home P.C.!

Great New Links!

Postpartum Support International - The first year after having a baby can be very difficult for many women. Find resources in your home state today!

Depression After Delivery - (D.A.D.) 1-800-944-4PPD Call for additional resources, literature, and support.

Local Announcements

CT C.A.R.E.S. Conference for Childcare Professionals - Mark your calendars for February 22 & 23, 2002 at Naugatuck Valley Community College, Waterbury CT. For more information contact Deadline for Presenters is Dec. 15th. Deadline for Vendors is Jan.15th Sponsorships are available.

Robyn's Nest is grateful to be sponsored by:

"BOSTON JOE'S Appliance Repair" Is Your Range Ready? (860) 646-1111;and

"ECHN's, Family Development Center" We Care About Families (860) 646-1222 ext. 2450; and

"The Parent Planner Newspaper" See What's Happening with our Community Calendar for Families!

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