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June 2001 - #018



Robyn's Nest~The Parenting Network is dedicated to helping you raise your precious gift, your child. Visit our home page at:

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In this issue:

· Kids Under Stress
· Strategies for Dealing with Stress
· Ticks, Kids and Lyme Disease
· How to Remove a Tick Safely
· Welcome our New Pediatric Dental Consultant!
· Congratulations Dr. Sperling! It's a….
· You Never Know What's Hanging on "The Fridge Door"
· Great New Links

Special thanks to Jessica O'Malley and Michele Gara Grady from ECHN's Family Development Center! Their presentation and information on the Robyn's Nest "Kids Under Stress Show" was not only informative, but also delightfully entertaining! Also, we were very lucky to have Tom Forschner, founder of the Lyme Disease Foundation on the "Kids, Ticks and Lyme Disease Show", who taught us not only ways to protect our children from Lyme disease, but also showed us how to safely remove a tick. A must see for anyone who enjoys the outdoors!

Kids Under Stress - Some stress is normal. It's something everyone has to deal with and it helps children develop coping skills. Stress becomes a problem when it prevents daily activities or routines. Are your children under excessive stress? We've listed some terrific information to help you determine just that.

Strategies for Dealing with Stress - Ok, you've determined that your family is a bit wired. Who isn't? It is the 2001. We are all moving at the speed of light. Perhaps the kids are a bit stressed. It's time for some 'stress busters'!

Ticks, Kids and Lyme Disease - We've said it before, and we'll say it again. Protect yourselves and your kids from those pesky ticks this spring/summer. Lyme disease and other tick borne ailments are no joke. We've updated our Lyme Disease article with the help of the Lyme Disease Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization here in Hartford. See our links section for contact information.

Removing a Tick Safely - You should hear some of the old ways people removed ticks! Kerosene, nail polish, even cigarettes! Thankfully, removing a tick safely is not that complicated. We've outlined the complete instructions with the help of the Lyme Disease Foundation. This is a print and keep document, folks!

Welcome Pediatric Dental Consultant, Dr. Monica Cipes! Dr. Cipes is joining the Robyn's Nest professional team of experts and is available to answer your email and questions! Dr. Cipes is a board certified pediatric dentist, a spokesperson for the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, has many years of experience in private practice, and is also a mother of three. Feel free to "Ask the Expert":

Congratulations Dr. Randi Sperling! It's a BOY!! The Robyn's Nest family is growing again! Senior Consultant/ Pediatrician, Dr. Randi Sperling had a health baby boy the last week in May weighing 7-lbs.12 oz. and 20 inches in length! Both Mother and Baby are resting comfortably. Great job, Randi! Oh, and we understand if you email is piling up this week… LOL! Our warmest welcome to the newest addition to the family!

You Never Know What's Hanging on "The Fridge Door" - If you've been with us a while, the fridge door is a feature you may have seen before. We've decided to redesign it and bring back in a whole new way. Every so often we will add new features we feel may be of interest to you and hang these items on the fridge door. So…check back often because, you never know what's hanging on the fridge door.

Great New Links We've Found

Wholistic Stress Control Institute - free information on stress and kids and stress and teens! Check this one out parents, teachers and kids.

Exercise Keeps Kids Healthy - Article describes how regular exercise can help reduce stress in kids.

Lyme Disease Foundation - is a nonprofit medical healthcare agency dedicated to finding solutions to tick-borne disorders. Loads of information, order posters, tick identification cards for your organization/school, the latest research, photos, even the many faces of these diseases.

Thank you all for your continued support of Robyn's Nest~The Parenting Network.



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