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May 2001 - #017



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In this issue:
· Choosing a Pet for Your Family
· Teaching Children How to Handle Pets Safely
· Working from Home, Tips for Parents
· Study To Focus on SIDS Prevention
· Overheating of Infants Related to SIDS Deaths
· Great New Links
· Get Paid $300 for Your Grandparenting Story!

Special thanks to Mary Beth Kaeser, Veterinary Technician and Public Relations Coordinator at Bolton Veterinary Hospital for her appearance on our Pets and Kids Show! And also very special thanks to Phil Montero, "The Mobile Man" from and Lynn Behrmann, President of the Connecticut Family Day Care Associations Network for their appearances this month on our Work from Home Show!

Choosing a Pet For Your Family - Whether you had a pet before having children or your child is begging for one now, at some time, your family will discuss which pet is right for you. When choosing a pet for your family, there are a number of things to consider.

Teaching Children How to Handle Pets Safely - Young children are fearless. They treat live animals as they would a stuffed animal. Many times this leads to injuries such as scratches and bites. Our dear friend, Mary Beth Kaeser, PR Coordinator at the Bolton Veterinary Hospital gave us some tips when teaching children to safely handle pets.

Working from Home, Tips for Parents - More than ever, parents are searching for more flexible work options and more than ever, kids need parents who are available. If you've ever considered working from home or telecommuting, take a look at some tips we've uncovered. This may just be the solution you've been looking for. A word of caution: It's not easy, but it CAN be done…I did it!

Study To Focus on SIDS Prevention - New mothers who don't breast-feed and those who smoke after giving birth place their babies at risk for SIDS, government researchers. Placing babies on their backs for sleep has long been the focus of the campaign to prevent SIDS, which kills about 3,000 infants each year. But a study presented at a CDC conference in Atlanta suggests that breast-feeding and protecting babies from secondhand smoke may be just as important. Please read more:

Overheating of Infants Related to SIDS Deaths - The risk of overheating infants, or thermal stress, has been given relatively little attention in the United States, although it is widely stressed in other countries, researchers said Monday. The SIDS Alliance already advises parents and caregivers to be careful to not overheat a baby. "Back to Sleep" is only one means of reducing your child's risks." Please read more:

Great New Links We've Found

American Veterinary Medical Association - Lots of information about buying a pet, loss of a pet, pet health, a kids section and more!

The Net/Vet and the Electronic Zoo Online! This is an amazing collection of veterinary resources and animal information for the entire family! Tips, tools, articles, newsletters, seminars, and other resources to help improve the productivity of telecommuters, mobile workers, managers, and home-based workers. Lots of links to work at home jobs! The online magazine for Work at Home Moms A community and career resource for parents on the home career track. Learn how to balance work and family under one roof -- build your career skills, run a successful home business, take personal care of your children.

Get Paid for Your Grandparenting Story! Do you have a heartwarming story for Chicken Soup for the Grandparent's Soul? That's right; Hanoch and Meladee McCarty are coauthors of the NY Times #1 bestselling book "A 4th Course of Chicken Soup for the Soul," of which you may have heard. Their publishers are willing to pay YOU $300 for your grandparenting story!

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