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March 2001 - #015


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In this issue:
E-Toys Bankruptcy
Brain Awareness Week - March 12-18
National Poison Prevention Week - March 18-24
What to do if Poisoned
Poison Control Hotlines - USA
Great New Links

E-Toys Bankruptcy - The online retailer, E-Toys has been removed from public trade in recent weeks. Consequently, we are removing the associates program from our Toy Box as an online toy retailer at Robyn's Nest. You can still purchase toys online at Robyn's Nest through Toys R' Us by way of Amazon.Com via the following link: Simply click on the Amazon ad at the bottom of the page to go directly to their site and a variety of shopping venues. If you purchased any items from E-Toys and have not yet received those items or credits, be patient, you will. E-Toys has honored all orders and commissions to date and has every intention to do so. We applaud their efforts. Robyn's Nest is now re-evaluating the content of the Toy Box. Interested vendors or sponsors may contact Robyn at (860) 870-5705 or

Brain Awareness Week - March 12-18 Use Your Head to Protect Your Brain! - More than 900 people die every year and about 567,000 go to hospital emergency rooms with injuries relating to bikes. According to a survey of helmet use of bicyclists, only about 50 percent of all bicycle riders in the U.S. regularly wear bike helmets while riding a bike. Of those who do regularly wear a helmet, only 43 percent said they always wear a helmet and 7 percent said they wear a helmet more than half the time. Robyn's Nest encourages everyone that rides a bike to always use a properly fitting helmet. Kids, parents and teachers should visit the bike helmet web site at to learn the importance of using a helmet to protect their brain. It features a parent's guide, classroom activities, bike crash survivor testimonials and more. Also, check out Consumer Product Safety Commission's list of recalled bike helmets.

National Poison Prevention Week March 18-24 - Each year, unintentional poisonings from medicines and household chemicals kill about 30 children and prompt more than 1 million calls to the nation's poison control centers. This year marks the 40th observance of National Poison Prevention Week. The main goal of this observance is to help prevent childhood poisonings by reminding people to check their homes now. Robyn's Nest would like to reinforce with parents the importance of childproofing their homes. To assist you, please print and follow our step-by-step guide and encourage grandparents and caregivers to do the same:

In keeping with the poison prevention theme, Robyn's Nest would like to refresh parents and caregivers "What to do if Poisoned". This is a printable guide that should be posted in a prominent place. In the event of a poisoning, follow the instructions carefully. When my oldest son was only 19 months old, his cousin poured shampoo in his eyes in the bathtub. As my son screamed, I attempted to rinse the shampoo out. I followed these instructions while my sister-in-law called poison control. We were instructed to rinse for a specified period of time as even shampoo could dry and damage the eyes of a young child (which surprised me).

So, the last piece of important information all parents must have is the telephone number for their local POISON CONTROL CENTER HOTLINES. I have listed all in the United States here:

Great New Links We've Found

NetSmartz.Org is a wonderful new site that is created for kids, teens, parents and teachers to help keeps your kids safe on the internet. Play games and learn how to stay safe on the net with its interactive characters and tools. I was amazed!

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