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February 2001 - #014


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In this issue:
Child Passenger Safety Week
Winter Sports Safety
Robyn's Nest is going Public (Access!)
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We've done it again! Our Milk Allergies page has won the Study Web award of excellence! Thank you Study Web for your vote of confidence in Robyn's Nest~The Parenting Network!

In observance of Child Passenger Safety Week, February 11-19, 2001, we are asking all parents and caregivers to have their child safety seats inspected and follow the National Highway Safety Commission's recommendations to protect children in motor vehicles.

Infant Seats (newborn to 20 pounds)
Toddler Seats (20 to 40 punds):
Preschool Seats (40 pounds and up):

Winter Sports Safety - Winter is in our midst and with it come dangers in the form of ice, snow and freezing temperatures. Children as young as 2-years-old will participate in sledding and ice skating this winter.

Frostbite - Frostbite Many more children will be exposed to extreme temperatures. Learn some safety tips to prevent injuries from frostbite and exposure to the cold.

Robyn's Nest is going Public (Access!) - Yep! We're taking the web site one step further! We're bringing Robyn's Nest to television. The talk/news show will air on Connecticut public access stations beginning this spring and are we excited! Oh, we'll still bring you the most reliable parenting information on the web! This just means we'll be tapping into even more resources that will benefit you! If you're a Connecticut resident and have an interest in helping us out, becoming a guest, or sponsoring the show, please contact Robyn by email today!

Great New Links We've Found

12 Tips to Tame the Tube - Television viewing out of control in your home? Here are some tips to help tame the tube!

Tot Smart - Measure your toddler's TV viewing habits and reading readiness with this interactive tool!

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