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August 2000 - #008



childRobyn's Nest~The Parenting Network is dedicated to helping you raise your precious gift, your child. Visit our home page:

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In this issue:
*Your Child's Eyes
* Dr. Laura Wants You!
* You Put WHAT Up Your Nose?
* We're Expecting!
* Sight Words Reading List
* Monitoring Childcare

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Your Child's Eyes - As babies, the eyes and vision develop over the first months and into the toddler years. As visual acuity sharpens, your baby's world opens up with full color and sharpness. Your child is also developing visual skills and is actually learning how to see. As a preschooler, your child is now using her vision to learn. You can help in your preschooler's vision development and learn how to detect vision problems in young children and school age children. Also, learn how to protect young eyes.

Dr. Laura Wants You - Renee Hambley, a producer for the new Dr. Laura (Schlessinger) television show is looking for people who are doing or have done research on working parents' issues. Renee has posted to our boards for your help.

You Put WHAT Up Your Nose? Last week my 3-year-old came running down stairs screaming. He had bitten off two tiny tires from a toy car and accidentally sniffed them up his nose! After several attempts to blow them out, the inevitable Emergency Room visit ensued. Read how the Emergency Room team handled this situation and share your stories with Robyn's Nest!

We're Expecting - Senior Consultant, Amy Molina, RN,C. is expecting her 4th child toward the end of 2000! Perhaps a 2001 New Years baby? Congratulations to Amy and the whole Molina gang! We'll have to update Amy's biography soon.

The Dolch Sight Words Reading lists are now available at Robyn's Nest for kindergarten and first grade. This is the list of words that children should recognize and be able to read immediately by the second grade. Robyn's Nest encourages parents to help their children learn to read. We do not, however, encourage 'drilling' children for extended periods. Make learning fun. Print the list and tape these words around your house as a game or treasure hunt!

Monitoring Child Care - Ok, now you've chosen a child care facility for your wee one. How can you monitor the happenings? Yes, some facilities now have cameras and parents can 'tune in' whenever they want, but most in-home and daycare settings are not quite this advanced. Monitor your child the old fashioned way.

Reflections Safety Mirrors - See your kids in the back seat without turning your head from the road!

Thank you all for your continued support of Robyn's Nest~The Parenting Network. Keep sending your emails, remedies and questions! We love hearing from you.



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