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July 2000 - #007



childRobyn's Nest~The Parenting Network is dedicated to helping you raise your precious gift, your child. Visit our home page:

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In this issue:
*Your Feedback
* Fathers and Parenting Duties
* Preparing for Kindergarten
* Immunizations
* Potty Training Pressure
* Types of Childcare
* Coxsackie Season

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Your Feedback - Robyn, I wanted to thank you so much for giving me the DNA test kit referral. Without you, I wouldn't have had any idea how to get a test kit. The company in California, the GENE TREE was wonderful! They were so nice, cheap, and prompt! It's been rough finding out that I have a new father at age 27, but I was glad too finally have the proof! It was the answer I was looking for! I hope you are able to pass this wonderful referral onto others who are searching for an answer as to their biological parents. I'm so glad to finally know! I would be happy to share in order to help others who might be wondering, finally know for sure. Let me know what you think. Thanks so much! Erica :>) To reach Erica, please email for her e-mail address.

Fathers and Parenting Duties: "It's not just for women anymore. Telecommuting, shortened work weeks and other flexible work programs increasingly are being used by men, as a tight labor market and a rise in two-income families prod more working fathers into taking on child-raising duties. Picking up on the trend, companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, Texas Instruments, J.P. Morgan and others have rolled out classes for working fathers such as "Daddy Stress, Daddy Success" and "Fathers and Adolescence." Others, like Marriott, have done surveys of working parents that found fathers increasingly are looking for work flexibility. And in a new study by Radcliffe Public Policy Center in Cambridge, Mass., young men in their 20s are 20% more likely than young women to say they would give up pay for more time with their families."

Preparing for Kindergarten - It's that time of year Mom's and Dad's. Time to send the wee ones to their first formal education experience. It's both an exciting time and a melancholy time for most of us. Our babies are getting older. For some 5-year-olds, kindergarten is a welcome progression. For others, it will be difficult separating from parent and home. We have some tips to help make the transition a bit easier on your child.

Immunizations - Starting school or childcare programs usually means a trip to the pediatrician for a check up and immunizations. This is a great time to ask any questions you've been saving. Whether about your child's health or behavior, take a moment to jot down some observations or questions to present during this check up. To find out what vaccines may be due, consult our immunization chart Be sure to tell your child exactly what to expect several minutes before the actual event.

Potty Training Pressure - It is perfectly normal to feel rushed to potty train your child who may be entering childcare or school environments in the coming month. But this is no time to act on it. Pressuring your child will only hinder your efforts. Continue to consistently help your child to become more independent in toileting and find appropriate childcare that will foster his/her development regardless of the ability to use the bathroom. More potty training advice can be found here:

Types of Childcare - The older kids are returning to school and you're ready to return to work, but what about childcare arrangements? What's available? Can I afford it? What type is best for my child and me? These and other questions can be answered in our series of Childcare articles. Learn what your options are with Types of Childcare Then read about Federal Childcare Resources (especially for children with special needs)

Coxsackie Season - I am hearing more and more of children becoming afflicted with Coxsackie (Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease) this season. Robyn's Nest has a home remedy that really works and details on the illness to assist you in helping your child should they catch this popular virus.

Thank you all for your continued support of Robyn's Nest~The Parenting Network. Keep sending your emails, remedies and questions! We love hearing from you.



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