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June 2000 - #006



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In this issue:
*Paid Maternity Leave? "Baby UI"
*Rules for Pools
*Fireworks/Sparkler Safety
*Grand-parenting Facts and Figures
*Chat topic - Normal Birth vs. Water Birth

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Bedwetting - Did you know that about one in five 4 and 5-year-olds wet the bed and as many as one in ten boys still has a problem by age 12. For some reason, it's more common in boys than girls. We all heard the stories…sheets hanging out of windows… embarrassed children… the disappointment and heartache. Not anymore! Now, bed-wetting can be cured without medical intervention, given enough time along with a healthy dose of patience.

Paid Maternity Leave? "Baby UI" - Kudos to President Clinton who announced Saturday, June 17, 2000, in his radio address, "important new steps we're taking to give working Americans the time off they need to care for their families without losing the income they need to support them". The current benefits under the Family Medical Leave Act allows for the time, but not the pay. This new benefit will allow for Birth and Adoption Unemployment Insurance ("Baby UI"). It's about time, Bill! Read more about the new coverage and what it may do for you!

Rules For Pools - Our printable Rules for Pools should be posted in plain view for caregivers, parents, grandparents and other adults responsible for the care and safety of children this summer.

Fireworks/Sparkler Safety - With July 4th just around the corner, Robyn's Nest urges parents to review our fireworks and sparkler safety guidelines. The numbers of injuries annually in the Unites States increase every year. Let's keep children and adults alike from serious burns and other injuries.

Some Grandparenting Facts and Figures - This information is provided by: The Association to Reunite Grandparents & Families R.R. # 1, McArthurs Mills Ontario, Canada K0L 2M0 If you want to help or need help, please contact Betty today!

· Nearly 5.5 Million Children Live with Grandparents
· About two-thirds of grandchildren in homes maintained by a grandmother with no spouse or parents of the grandchildren present are in poverty
· Half the grandchildren in such families are under age 6
· A third of the grandchildren have no health insurance

Visitor, D.P. wants to chat about Normal Birth vs. Water Birth. Should you be interested in discussing the pros and cons of each, please meet us in the Robyn's Nest Chat Room on Tuesday, July 11th at 9:00pm EST.

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