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childRobyn's Nest~The Parenting Network is dedicated to helping you raise your precious gift, your child. Visit our home page at:

As this is the premier issue of our Newsletter, we would appreciate your indulgence with plenty of feedback. We want to know what interests YOU, the parents and grandparents of the millennium!

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In this issue:
Cold and Flu Season
Toddler Stuttering
Fluoride in Children's Soft Drinks?
The Center for Creative Womanhood
Grandparents Raising Grandchildren
Acrylic Nails During Pregnancy?
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The flu can be a miserable experience for the entire family. If your child does get the flu, get tips on treatments and home remedies that really work.

The cold and flu season is here. If your child has not received the flu shot this year, it may be too late. Find out why.

Does your three-year-old stutter? Thankfully, it's not unusual. When my toddler stutters, I can almost hear the little wheels in his head grinding away. He is grappling for the words and it takes a minute for an entire sentence to come out at times. Did you know that boys tend to stutter more than girls do? It's true. Read more about stuttering in young children

Fluoride in Children's Soft Drinks? Apparently, the levels of fluoride are significant enough for health care providers to take notice. A new research study indicates that children (approx. 12%), ages 2-5 years are drinking nine or more ounces of soda daily. The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research have determined that these beverages contain concentrations of 0.002 - 1.28 parts per million (p.p.m.) where it is recommended that the ideal amount in water for the prevention of tooth decay is 0.7-1.2 p.p.m. Now, does this mean that children should be permitted to drink more soda? Given the amounts of sugar and other non-nutritional ingredients, it's debatable. What do you think?

Two mothers' search for advice and serenity lead them to help others. All the books and websites in the world do not take the place of mom's helping one another when it comes to parenting. Now you can get the support and break you need to do your primary job even better. Join other mothers at The Center for Creative Womanhood at Moon Lodge in Illinois, USA. For more information write to:

As the phenomenon of grandparents raising their grandchildren becomes increasingly more common, information and resources on the issue are becoming more numerous and more accessible. For those interested in sources of support, or just more information on the subject in general, start by calling the AARP's Grandparent Information Center at: (202) 434-2296. Join other grandparents on our Grandparents Raising Grandchildren bulletin board.

Acrylic Nails During Pregnancy? Join other mothers in a discussion on this topic on our bulletin boards.

Chat with Robyn! Meet me in our chat room every Tuesday Night during the month of February at 9:00pm EST for a live chat!

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